is it time to start saving money?

Posted by: God Love
Corey registered
at 02/13/2006, 05:27:22

Dear Gurudeva,
does this mean it is now time for me to begin saving money? (since to have a home, I have to buy or build a home)
And I love carpentry and feel more and more led to stick with it, but I have had many desires for adventures in foreign lands and fantasies of teaching english abroad as a way to see the world. (Though right now, I feel like sticking with my present job as long as it lasts...)
thank you for your love and guidance.

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God Love To have a home never means to buy a home - our true home is in God, here on earth we may very well just rent a home on monthly or yearly basis hans 0 Thu, Feb 16, 2006, 01:46

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